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Andrea Pure Audio USB-SA 3.5mm to USB Adapter On Sale!


Andrea Pure Audio USB-SA 3.5mm to USB Adapter Ratings and Reviews

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Your microphone or  will perform only as good as the sound card or integrated audio system that you plug into. Most laptops and PCs today have audio systems built in and it is often placed close to noisy components like the power supply or high frequency processors. In addition, PC's may be used in high noise level environments which can affect the performance of applications, such as those that use speech input.

Andrea's PureAudio™ USB-SA with patented noise reduction technology eliminates noise problems as it utilizes high quality digital circuitry and has state of the art noise reduction algorithm software. This format bypasses your desktop or laptop computer's sound system, providing increased intelligibility and performance of stereo microphone input and stereo speaker output for all of your digital audio applications including VoIP and speech recognition programs.

PureAudio® is a noise canceling algorithm that enhances speech-centric applications by sampling an ambient noise environment and attenuating the noise sources around the desired speech signals, delivering a pure audio signal. Continuous and repetitive noise is effectively removed from the audio input, providing higher recognition rates and improved communications.  Designed specifically to improve signal-to-noise ratio, PureAudio works best in canceling stationary noises such as computer fans, engines, tire noise, etc.

Hi-fidelity external sound card with CD quality digital sample rates.
Converts the built-in sound of the average desktop or laptop into a rich audio experience designed for PC users who insist on high quality/low noise audio.
Small form factor, about the size of a thumb drive, is convenient for portability with audio peripherals.
The USB adapter enables the audio device driver platform which supports the Andrea PureAudio noise reduction technology and Andrea hardware peripherals. Can also be used to enhance ANY existing legacy headset, microphone or speakers.
Includes Andrea's complete PureAudio™ Voice Solutions Software Suite.

Connections                                                                  Microphone Jack 3.5mm Pink (PMS 701C)

Operation                                                                       Power USB

Microphone Input 2 Channel Stereo                           Audio Output 2 Channel Stereo

Sampling R                                                                     48K / 44.1K Hz / 16K / 8K

Power Supply                                                                 Supply Voltage 4.5 - 5.5 VDC

Total Power Consumption                                            120 mA

Microphone Input                                                          A/D Conversion Resolution 16 bit  THD + N -84 dB

Supply Bias Resistor                                                       2.2K Ohm @ 3.3VDC

Frequency Response                                                     20-20,000 Hz

Boost Gain (Software)                                                    20 dB

Input Range                                                                     0 - 1.25 Vrms

Dynamic Range                                                               95 dB

Record Gain Range                                                        -6 to 33 dB

Stereo Speaker Output                                                   D/A Conversion Resolution 16 bit THD + N -91 dB

Output Load                                                                     32 OhmOutput Voltage 1.27 Vrms

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