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Solutions for Attorneys, Law Firms and Courts

Solutions for Attorneys, Law Firms and Courts

No more tapes to buy, crystal clear sound, and the capability to integrate automatically with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal equals higher productivity, less stress, and increased profits.

Size Doesn't Matter

Not when it comes to your firm and its use of digital dictation and transcription technologies. American Dictation has successfully installed digital solutions into one attorney offices and global, multi-office firms. Regardless of the size of your firm, digital dictation can offer:

  • Enterprise-level file management at consumer-level prices.
  • One-on-one or "pooled" transcription distribution.
  • Speech recognition integration to cut transcription turnaround by more than 70%.

"Talk and Dock" - it really is that simple!

Dictate to your hearts content into your digital dictation device, then drop it into the transfer / charging cradle and watch the magic. Your voice files are automatically downloaded, backed up, allocated, and transferred to the designated legal secretary. The recorder is then automatically cleared for the next day.. All in just seconds!

Efficient Transcription

If you could transcribe by listening to the dictator standing next to you, you'd agree that would give you the best sound quality. The accuracy of your dictation would no doubt improve. Today's professional digital dictation and transcription systems let you hear dictation like never before. You can easily share dictations with other transcriptionists, suspend dictations while you wait for additional information, and even forward dictations to another office or offsite transcription service.

Recognize the Savings

By using speech recognition for your dictation, you can cut transcription time over 50%. Whether you, as the author, dictate directly into your computer as it converts to text, or you use a handheld recorder and off-load to your transcriptionist to process, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal can give you and your staff extra time, while also reducing workplace injuries.


To help you understand more about digital dictation, count on American Dictation to help.

Guide to Digital Dictation & Transcription

Guide to Digital Dictation & TranscriptionOur latest version of this very popular download has been updated with more current information. It's a helpful primer on digital dictation and should help you consider how digital dictation, transcription and speech recognition might work for you.

Download PDFGuide to Digital Dictation & Transcription

100% Free, No Obligation Consultation

Try as we might, we know we cannot possible answer every question you might have about digital dictation, transcription and speech recognition on one Web site. Don't hesitate to simply pick up the phone and call us toll-free.

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Attorney Favorites

Every day we help law firms and courts all across the country adapt to digital dictation and transcription. Based on their feedback and experiences, the following represent the most popular product choices.

Philips DPM 8000 Digital Voice Recorder

Philips DPM 8000 Digital Voice RecorderEasiest transition from tape based machines. Higest Security Available. Simple interface.

$499 SRP* Shop Now

Philips 3510 SpeechMike Premium

Philips LFH 7272 SpeechMike Classic ProOur most popular desktop recording device. Slide-switch ease with great sound recording and playback. Trackball mouse control and programmable buttons. Includes software.

$429.99 SRP* Shop Now

Philips 7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit

Philips 7277 Transcription Kit

Manage incoming dictations, whether they arrive over the network, by e-mail or FTP. Interacts with Speech Recognition software (such as Dragon), too. Includes footswitch, headset and software.

$379 SRP* Shop Now


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Legal

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 LegalImproved to give lawyers increased accuracy when dictating, as well as convenience in operating their computer. You can never type as fast as you can talk.

$899 SRP* Shop Now

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