We were exited to receive an offer from a supplier that claimed they had some of the reputable Sony Microcassettes MC-60 tapes still in stock.  After  some research, found several good reviews. Based on our business partners needs, we decided to  order a case to test.  What could possibly go wrong?  A quality product, at an affordable price, with a strong demand?

Sony MC-60 microcassette dictation tape

What we discovered was that there is a Chinese counterfeiter relabeling Axis tapes as Sony Microcassettes tapes and passing them off as  new and  authentic tapes.   They simply manufactured and placed a Sony label over the Axis one and repackaged the tapes.   Now, they are appearing everywhere you look online. Pretty scary.

While some of our competitors are selling these as genuine, we cannot in good conscience fraudulently sell any product to our trusted clients.

I was about to throw the tapes in the dumpster when it occurred to me that I could turn a negative experience into a positive.

Axis is a very good tape manufacturer.  In fact we sell these by the thousands and have virtually no complaints or returns.  Why then, not sell them for what they are, A Chinese knock-off with a Sony label, at a very affordable discounted price?

We are offering these “Halloween edition” Axis Microcassettes for under $1.50 each. Let our loss be your gain. Inventory is very limited and they wont last long at these prices. We are calling this A Sony Microcassettes Halloween costume, or a lesson on Chinese knockoffs.