Recording audio is a task that many professionals need to do. With the market
full of the same drab-looking devices, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find one
that fits your style? With the Olympus WS-700M Digital Voice Recorder, you can
choose between a variety of colors, including a contemporary grey, a bright red
and a bold blue casing.

Of course, the features are just as integral as
the look of the device. With 4GB of internal storage space, you can talk for
more than 1,000 hours recording notes, dictating and more. You can even add up
to an extra 16GB worth of memory with the device’s SD Card compatibility.
Besides the storage, you get a playback option with the Olympus WS-700M,
allowing you to listen to your recordings from its speaker located right on the
front of the device.

For your transcription needs, the recorder is plug-and-play ready. All you
have to do is plug it with a USB connector to your computer and you can easily
transfer your audio data.

If you are looking for a voice recorder that’s not only well-equipped but
also stylish, the Olmypus WS-700M could be the right choice for you.