With Philips’ release of the SpeechMike dictation and speech recognition microphone, the world of
voice recording has forever been changed.

According to a press release by the company, the success of the brand is due
to the Philips’ close connection to their customers and their ability to take
their feedback into consideration. With the SpeechMike’s new design, the company
listened to what users wanted the most. For example, for faster and easier thumb
control, they increased the size of the buttons, allowing individuals to use the
device with ease.

The company also repositioned the trackball on the device for precise cursor
navigation. Philips took left-handed users into account as well, giving these
special individuals the ability to actually customize buttons according to their
individual preferences.

Additionally, the SpeechMike’s antimicrobial housing has set a new standard
for clinical devices. The company added that “[t]his feature was achieved by
adding a substance to the plastic that impedes the reproduction of
microorganisms and thus improves hygiene.” So not only is the Philips Speech Mike III an
ergonomic device, it also can help protect a person’s well being whenever he or she uses