Any professional who has ever needed to dictate in a car, from a courthouse or a remote location will benefit by adding a simple telephone dictation system to their arsenal of productivity tools.

Professional telephone dictation solutions from American Dictation make it possible to have digital dictation technology at your fingertips, with no need to pack any extra equipment besides a cell phone. Quickly and easily dictate on your phone without ever needing to search for a wireless internet connection, and trust that your recording will be immediately downloaded to your transcription device.

Many on-the-go professionals are lightening their loads with the Apptec DigiTel Telephone dictation system.

Appptec telephone dictation system

The system is incredibly simple, yet sophisticated at the same time.  With no moving parts, the DigiTel acts as a “modem”, plugged into a standard telephone line and a USB port on a PC.  A user simply calls in from any telephone, enters their custom user ID, follows simple prompts, and the recording is automatically routed to the proper typist, whether remote or in house.

Simplicity at its finest!

The best part is the systems scalability.  From a single user to thousands, you can trust that the DigiTel will get your dictations to the correct transcriptionist for immediate attention.

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