Have you ever needed to record and send a dictation on the go?  Of course you have.  Olympus has developed just what you need.  The Olympus Dictation Application is now available.


The Olympus dictation application for iPhone IOS and Android based smartphones.





Olympus Dictation Application article




Using FTP file transfer and the secure Olympus server, the dictation app can add a powerful efficiency boost to your workday.  With encrypted voice files, and the ability to directly integrate with your existing ODMS or DSS Player Pro software, your voice files will get automatically routed quickly and securely.


We have already rolled this solution out to several clients as a test and have found it to be very useful for shorter letters, notes and urgent matters.  Smartphones do have their limitations.  They tend to have a shorter  battery life, slower file transfer  and memory limitations.  We recommend the Olympus DS-7000 for longer recordings.  The feedback on the application has been overwhelmingly positive.


As always, our technician, Scott, is here for you during the entire download and setup process as a free service for all of our customers.  The entire process is fast and easy. All you have to do is call.


Please call us today at 1-866-408-1383 or visit us online at www.AmericanDictation.com for more information.