For years, voice recognition software has helped medical and legal
professionals increase productivity and meet growing workplace demands. But as
one blogger recently discovered, the technology has implications that reach
beyond the professional realm.

In a recent post on The Social Robot, a social media and internet news blog,
founder Kelsey Childress noted that voice recognition software can cut online
content writing time in half and with 99 percent accuracy.

Childress recommends bloggers and reporters use Dragon NaturallySpeaking
software, which interacts with the user’s PC just by talking. By speaking into a
microphone, the software recognizes what the user says and how they say it. It
can be used to dictate reports, send emails, surf the internet and more without
touching the keyboard.

“The first time I used the software on a project, I wrote a 1,650-word
article for a client in about an hour,” Childress wrote. “This included research
and image search. Normally, an article of this size would have taken me about
two to three hours.”

Childress said she uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 for her digital
dictation. However, Nuance Communications recently released an updated version
11 for home, professional and legal use. Both Dragon NatuallySpeaking 10 and 11
software can be found on