It used to be that telephone dictation services would cost a healthcare organization thousands of dollars for equipment and installation.  Add on to that fixed cost, the ongoing maintenance and support, and you had a budget breaker on your hands.

The DigiTel telephone dictation System from Apptec is the perfect option for professionals in the medical field to easily dictate wherever there’s a
telephone available. All you have to do is connect the system to a computer and a standard phone line, and the easy-to-use software will do the work for you.

The beauty of the Apptec, is that it acts as more of a modem than a recorder.  Simply put, there are few “moving parts” to require maintenance and to wear out.  The phone line is plugged into the Apptec “pod” which, in turn, is plugged directly into any PC via a standard USB port.  The number of telephone dictation lines that can be used simultaneously is easily expandable by adding additional pods, from a single line, up to 32 concurrent lines.  “This expansion capability is unique to the Apptec, and increases the appeal of the system” states Paul Ross, of American Dictation Corp.

The system supports up to 2000 users with customizable user ID’s, greetings and prompts, allowing simple customization of the system to fit the needs and workflow of the end user perfectly.  Marking a file “priority using the telephone’s keypad, will highlight the voice file in red, and place it at the top of the queue.

Remote transcription is no problem as the Apptec Digitel has available the FTP Magic program , a program that can automatically send the voice files via secure FTP to the remote typist.

Any practice or firm needing a simple, telephone in dictation system should take a close look at the Digitel by Apptec.