Professionals who’ve been to many boardroom meetings understand that once
that door is closed, conversations can come from all around the room.  When
recording such instances, it is integral that you have the best when it comes to
recording devices. An omnidirectional microphone is a must have in this environment.

An omnidirectional microphone records sounds from a full 360 degree radius around the device.  For many conference recording needs, the ME30W, made by Olympus fits the bill perfectly.

Attached to any stereo recording device with standard 3.5mm input plugs, the ME30w will provide a true-to life digital recording of your meeting or event.  By recording in stereo, when you listen back to the recorded meeting using transcription software, you can actually “split the signal” so that you can listen to voices from one side of the table, then listen to those emanating from the other side.  This greatly reduces problems trying to decipher what people said caused due to “over-speak”, and allows for a much more accurate transcription.

Besides great sound quality, the Olympus microphones feature mini tripods so that you can
elevate your devices even higher for better capturing capabilities.  This also avoid some of the noise associate with papers shuffling over the microphones, as can occur with a standard table-top condenser microphone.

The Olympus ME 30w is always available at, a national leader in recording,  transcription and speech recognition technology.