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I need a new micro cassette recorder

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We get thousands of queries to our site and almost as many calls from people who have been using tape based dictation recorders, or Dictaphones, and find themselves in need of a replacement. A typical call is as follows: Them- “Hi, I need a new Dictaphone for my boss who refuses to learn new things.” […]

Dragon Professional Individual 14 Digital Download is here

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Recently Nuance released the newest product in their lineup- Dragon Professional Individual 14 speech recognition. Introducing Dragon Professional Individual 14 The newest version of their professional speech to text supports advanced commands, is Windows 10 compatible and seems to benefit from faster speed on our test computers. The biggest improvement may just be the support […]

Free Dictation Apps – A smart review

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American Dictation is a provider of sales and support for all manner of dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions for organizations of all sizes.  I regularly scour the internet forums and the app store for dictation apps.  I have seen some Free Dictation Apps,  but they seem to lack features that are needed in today’s […]

Olympus Dictation Application is another tool in the box

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Have you ever needed to record and send a dictation on the go?  Of course you have.  Olympus has developed just what you need.  The Olympus Dictation Application is now available.   The Olympus dictation application for iPhone IOS and Android based smartphones.               Using FTP file transfer and […]

Digital voice recorders an indispensable tool for important meetings

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Employees who have been subjected to early morning business meetings are well aware of how difficult it can be to remember all of the information being covered. While typing notes into a laptop may be more efficient than writing them by hand, much crucial information can be missed due to this multi-tasking.  Enter the perfect […]

New York Times Bestselling Author Turns to DS-3500

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The writing tool New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson can’t live without? The Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation System. Anderson, who has written more than 120 books over the span of his career to date, appreciates the system’s push-button design, takes full advantage of its workflow efficiencies and credits his dictation style of writing […]