Connie L. Coughlin

We have been extremely satisfied and impressed with the service we have received from American Dictation over the years. We are always confident that when we call all of our questions will be answered and any problems we may be calling about will be expertly resolved.

Debbie Pemberton – Legal Assistant

The customer service of American Dictation is exceptional. Always responsive and always right on the money! American Dictation is the only program I use that I know for sure that help is a phone call away.

Ellen Caposey

A+++ for exceptional customer service! American Dictation has gone above and beyond with friendly and efficient service each and every time I have needed their help. Thank you so much. It is so nice to have the confidence to know that I can get the help I need with just a phone call.

Terry Young

Working with American Dictation has been nothing short of superb! I have been so impressed with product quality that the only thing that exceeds the products carried is the knowledge of these products by support staff. Working together with support staff has been personable and seamless. No question too basic and in the end, setup arranged precisely as I needed!

Frank M. Nunes, Esq.

I have always had great advise, support and products from American Dictation. I will not buy any dictation or transcription equipment without consulting first consulting American Dictation.

Janet Niblett, CMT

I have used American Dictation for several years now, and you honestly can’t ask for better customer service. They are always prompt, very professional, and able to repair whatever issue I have in a short time. I am most appreciative of the wonderful service they have provided and would definitely recommend American Dictation to anyone.

David Morganstern

I am a freelance writer who needed a simple, reliable digital recorder for interviews.

Your salesperson set me up with a great system, appropriate to my needs.

But more important: Every time I had a question or a problem (including some extremely stupid ones), the tech team at American Dictation helped me solve it. Patiently. And quickly.

That kind of customer support?

Rare. And priceless.

Penn Medical Transcription Services

Thank you American Dictation for your consistent help throughout the years with my home transcription business. You have always been available to answer questions and help with technical support when needed in a very knowledgeable and expedient manner.  I appreciate your friendly service, something which is  rare these days in business.  It has been so delightful doing business with you and your staff!

Brian P.

Technology can be a scary thing especially new technology. American Dictation’s Customer Support worked with my IT person and support staff for installation and implementation of our new system. The process was smooth with minimal down time. They were simply OUTSTANDING!

At a time when so many companies are outsourcing customer service American Dictation is providing excellent and timely Customer Support. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been put on hold.

Elita Eames

Scott has been the most patient, helpful, and kindest representative, during the time in which I utilized the services of your company and communicated via telephone.

Mark A. Rinaldi, Esq.

I am now celebrating my 8th year as an extremely satisfied customer of American Dictation. As a sole practitioner I must strive to find efficiency and reliability. I have found both of these qualities in all of my dealings with American Dictation. Your staff of professionals are truly that – professional and knowledgeable. Whether I have needed assistance with a new product or software installation and support, I have never been disappointed, Thank you and your staff for the great work.

Deb D.

You guys are fantastic!! As a transcriptionist, I have to have SOME grasp of techno-things in order to do my job, but truth be told, I’m by nature something of a Technosaurus Mess. When I have a problem (and it’s almost always something on MY end of things), your staff has patiently guided me through whatever electronic mine field I’ve wandered into and led me to the right solution for my issues, all the while managing somehow not to make me feel like a complete moron. Mega-blessings to you, and thank you SO much!!!

Thomas Merjanian

I am a medical transcriptionist who works on his own. When I could no longer find repairs for my Dictaphone “Smart Talk” I was faced with how to replace it and at what price. My internet research brought me to the DigiTel™ system. Since 2011 this modem has been receiving my dictations from physicians with clarity. It is simple to use and likewise to troubleshoot. On two occasions I needed your help to resolve the problems and the service was straightaway.

William M. Julien, P.A.

I personally think that your company policy of having a real person answer the telephone is the best! We deal with Scott and he is always reliable, very pleasant and always returns calls. He also gets any problems we have solved quickly and efficiently. He deserves a raise!! Anyway, American Dictation gets an A+ from us so don’t change anything!

Jeanette Peckerman

We have been purchasing dictation equipment from American Dictation for quite a few years. We are not a large law office so the quantity we have needed is relatively small compared to your larger clients. Every time we have purchased an item and needed help with setup, I have received exceptional help from Scott. He is knowledgeable, professional, personable and always solves our problems. He makes us feel like we are just as important as any other client.

I am the person in our office who usually speaks with him, but when others have had an issue, he treats them exactly the same way. He is an outstanding representative of your company.

Rob S

The staff at American dictation truly are amazing.not being the most technologically savvy guy in the world, I can’t tell you how much it means to know that they’re there to cover my back whenever needed. usually if I’m calling, it’s at the last minute in some sort of perceived crisis. I’m always greeted with a friendly knowledgeable person who seemingly goes out of their way to solve “my crisis.” Most times they are not only solving the issue at hand, but making suggestions for improvement to my overall operations. I often find myself getting off the phone with new and improved methods. Last but not least,they continue to happily provide support for products purchases years earlier. Their knowledge of the product is superior. Their customer service is extraordinary. I know I won’t be buying dictation equipment from any other company . . . They know how to make a customer, buy more importantly, how to keep one.

Robert H.

The new batteries you sent me work A OK. Thank you Your service and follow was excellent .

Jack Sweeney

From the time of my first purchase of equipment from American Dictation several years ago, I have experienced performance and customer support that have always exceeded my expectations, and quickly solved every problem. They respond very quickly, but with the utmost patience. I will never go elsewhere.

N. Sherrill

The people behind American Dictation’s customer service are truly wonderful. I have been working with them for years and although we have never met in person, every time I have needed to contact them they remember me and go out of their way to resolve any and all issues immediately. The product and the support offered by American Dictation continues to make my decision to switch from Lanier that more gratifying.

Dennis P.

American Dictation helped me make sense of the confusing and often conflicting information about Dragon Naturally Speaking. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and can speak to the latest developments in voice recognition technology. I should have given them an acknowledgment in my last book!