A West Coast Company CEO

Being a transcription company located in California, we are periodically asked: why do you choose an east coast vendor such as American Dictation? Even though for many years we relied on local providers for sales and service of our dictation equipment, we now depend exclusively on American Dictation. Their response times, both with phone and email contacts, as well as shipping our orders, are prompt and professional. The consistency of our person-to-person experiences with American Dictation staff, …friendly… dependable…calm-in-a-crisis, matches the durability of the Olympus brand which they handle. Whenever we refer one of our clients (or even a business competitor) to American Dictation, they always relay thanks and a story of complete satisfaction. American Dictation is the backbone of our medical-legal transcription enterprise.

Dr. Richard Luros

I hate to write this, knowing full well that when word gets out about the extraordinary product line and top notch after-sales service by this firm it will be harder for me to connect!

But, having said that, fair is fair, and American Dictation deserves the highest possible marks.

Their attention to their customers could not possibly be improved, but if anyone can do so, it’s American Dictation.

Scott in Customer Support has been an absolute miracle worker, being always available as well as kind, understanding, and patient.

There is no reason to go anywhere else.

Collete Y.

I haven’t called for some time to your customer service (basically because your dictation program works great!) but when I did call at first with trying to get everything set up I was very impressed with how quickly they helped me and how friendly and knowledgeable they were. Thank you for making such a great product that helps me in my job performance.

Dennis Ziccardi

The level of care and customer service that is consistently provided is simply amazing. American Dictation has real, knowledgeable people that answer the phone and genuinely care about their customers. They have helped make my company more efficient and profitable as a result of the solutions and products recommended and the great after the sale guidance.

Crawford Bringslid Vander Neut, LLP

Ordering is simple and quick and when we were having problems transferring files our IT guy simply spoke to your tech support and a resolution was accomplished in no time.

We broke the key that is in the USB drive – called customer service and a new one was sent immediately at no charge. We have been ordering from your company for years and as our company adds more attorneys we will continue to add more dictation equipment from you.

Jeanne B.

When I first decided to go digital years ago, it was actually a hard sell to my customers. Once I had them on board it benefited me as well as them. Accurate records are able to be kept while staying in line with HIPAA requirements. If there is a rare (and I do mean rare!) occasion where there is a problem, I can e-mail or call and am promptly responded to with all the information and instruction needed to get back to my clients. I have had a great experience with American Dictation, particularly Novusfiles, and will continue with this company as long as I am in business!

Debra S.

There is no question that American Dictation provides the best customer service you could ask for. They respond immediately when contacted and quickly resolve your problem and/or answer your questions. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.

I have dealt mainly with Scott and I cannot say enough about the assistance and guidance he has given me. I would highly recommend American Dictation to anyone without hesitation.

David Marshall

I am impressed with the customer service at your company. Every time I call the phone is answered promptly by a person who is knowledgeable and they have helped me without transferring me to other numbers. That is rare nowadays and also refreshing.


Just wanted to send a big hug and kuddos to you for all of the time, blood, sweat, and frustration tears that you have spent on my behalf!!! I sooooo appreciate all that you do for me and my staff! Thanks for taking some time with Lisa today to show her the “correct” way to move files so that she can get them while I am gone. My daughter has been accepted by the Shriner’s for Children for her hip dysplasia and we will be leaving on June 19th for Salt Lake City, Utah for that visit and then on to Yellowstone! Thanks to you I may actually get a few days off! I have not had a day off from at least a couple hours of typing for 6 years!!! You don’t know how much this means.

Jane McGuffey

I just wanted to tell you that I was very pleased with the service I received from American Dictation – especially the help from Scott and Pat on the phone. All my transactions were handled promptly and I am very pleased with the final selection we made, based on the needs of my boss.

Thank you.

Flynn, Palmer, Tague & Jacobson

Scott Desrosiers has been one of the best representatives/techs/salesmen with whom I have ever had to contact regarding technical issues, sales, etc.  He always answers the phone and is always ready to help me in any way possible.  He is also a very friendly guy!  I think you should be proud of him as I think he is one of the best.

Judy D. Wolman, Ph.D.

I was petrified before I switched from dictation with tapes to digital dictation. Scott Derosiers was amazingly patient and good natured. He was always able to help me figure out the solution to any problem. Learning to use digital dictation has truly changed my life and Scott made it seem easy. Thank you . . . thank you . . thank you!!

Geoffrey Munoko Writer @ BCHA

Good evening Scott Desrosiers /Good evening Paul Ross

My Boss Naomi (who is the proprietor of the Beyond Faith Business Conglomerate) and I, wish to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the excellent online technical support that we have received from you since late May, 2015 to date. You guys at American Dictation, Inc. are not only meticulous and kind, but you are also uniquely efficient and effective. You walked us through the use of your products with rare ingenuity and patience.

Personally I am not-so-technically savvy, and I was at first rather apprehensive with regard to getting to understand how to use your products namely; the DS-7000, the AS-7000 and DNS Premium 13. But alas! It took you just minutes to change me over! Your thoughtfulness is enchanting! Your professionalism and diligence exceeded our expectations.

We thank you so much for a job well done. We look forward to a great, bright future of doing business together, and a continuance of that which has now been firmly proven and established. We will always jump at every chance to make your experience with us enjoyable and worthwhile! Thank you!

Helaine Garren

I have been using my digital dictation system from American Dictation for several years now. My one concern is why I didn’t get it much sooner! It’s effortless, easy to learn, and impeccably reliable. Customer service is prompt and efficient. In view of the pleasure this system has brought me, and the headaches it has eliminated, I must say that the price was well worth it. I heartily recommend this to anyone who is looking for a simple, effective,  reliable, and affordable system.

Paul Kravits

I am writing to let you know about the excellent customer support I received from American Dictation, which was provided by Scott Desrosiers. Upon receipt of the complex products I had purchased I called and happened to reach Scott, who knew my products thoroughly and had a clear, succinct methodology to guide me in getting up to speed on their use. I have recommended American Dictation to others and will continue to do so, for you go well beyond customer service to deliver true customer care.

Jeffrey R. Mazor, Esq.

I started working with American dictation in 2008. I was leery of trusting such an important element of my office to people so far away. The concerns were unwarranted. The level of support, competence and professionalism I get from American Dictation could not be better, even if they were next-door.

I don’t know how they do it, but they have made sure that the software and hardware they sell is first rate and thoroughly reliable.

More importantly, they are thoroughly reliable. I rely completely on their advice for hardware and software. I rely on their support when installing new technology. And perhaps most importantly, I rely on them to fix whatever it is I may have messed up or whatever problem may have resulted from new computer equipment, a broken fileserver, etc.

I don’t know of any similarly competent and reliable technology firm anywhere. I don’t think anybody can beat them.

Dana A. Lundberg, Esq.

5 years ago, our small law office wanted to transition from cassette tape to digital dictation.  Each and every call and e-mail from the ordering process and especially through the setup was handled faster and more competently than we could have hoped.  Since then, we have added to the system over the years, and the service has never wavered.  Whenever minor glitches or issues have popped up, the company and especially Scott have always helped us.  Scott and the rest of American Dictation have always provided us with stellar service, and we would recommend them to any firm without hesitation, whether large or small.

Olympus Introduces WiFi dictation recorder DS-9500

Olympus recently announced the release of the DS-9500 WiFi enabled digital dictation device.  This marks the first time Olympus users are able to dictate and have documents created in near real time.  Users of the DS-9500 simply record their dictations, connect to a WiFi hotspot or cell phone WiFi and send their voice files directly to their typist or secretary without a computer or USB cord.


Users looking for even more efficiency gains can introduce Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical, Legal or Professional into the mix – allowing the voice files to be automatically transcribed into a Word document in near real time, no typist needed.  This technology is perfectly suited to busy doctors, lawyers or business professionals.  Insurance adjusters in the field will also find the DS-9500 to be an invaluable asset, arriving back to the office after a day in the field to find their paperwork already completed.

Impressively, the new DS-9500 boasts not only the newest file transfer technology, but it is also made of the most durable construction material commercially available.  The optical slide switch eliminates mechanical wear through use, while the poly-carbonate body is so durable it is certified to withstand a 1.5 meter (almost 5 foot) drop without damage.  Sensitive data security is assured through on board 256 bit AES encryption along with a device PIN code setting to assure compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Another first in the industry is the ability for the user to check transcription status right on the recorder.  This is achieved by the use of the Olympus AS-9000 transcription kit which comes with transcription software which sends the data back to the recorder for near instant status updates.  The Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software has also been revamped with a cleaner, more intuitive UI.  The ODMS can be operated in stand alone or workgroup mode to suit any size firm or practice, and now directly integrates with web based email programs such as Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365, as well as FTP.

Not wanting to leave the docking/ charging cradle untouched, Olympus has added a LAN port to allow connection to a network without the need of a computer.  This feature is perfect for a clinical environment, where cradles can be placed in various locations for a quick file transfer while on the way to the next patient encounter.

Larger organizations with IT departments or contractors will love the brand new Web System Configuration Program (Web SCP) which has all of the tools necessary to deploy, configure, customize  and manage the ODMS environment via a web browser on a PC.

American Dictation Corp, a perennial Olympus Circle of Excellence partner and supporting dealer of the year has the DS-9500, AS-9000, and all other components of the new system in stock and ready to ship.

Call 1-866-408-1383 to speak with a trained representative at any time M_F 9am – 6pm.


American Dictation awarded Top Dealer by Olympus for 2017

Once again Olympus has awarded American Dictation a spot in it’s “Circle of Excellence” awards for 2017.  This is the fifth consecutive year that Olympus has recognized American Dictation in the prestigious ceremony.  American Dictation has been given the award of Top Dealer of Olympus professional audio equipment.

American Dictation specializes in the sale, installation, and support of professional dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions for companies and organizations across the entire United States.

“We are proud to be recognized by Olympus as a top dealer since we put so much emphasis on servicing and growing our customer base” stated Paul Ross, president of American Dictation Corp. “We work closely with Olympus to be sure our clients needs are met at each and every opportunity”

About Olympus

Olympus is a global leader in professional and consumer audio solutions.  Olympus has remained at the forefront of technology and innovation in the arena for over nine decades.

About American Dictation Corp.

American Dictation Corp. , based out of Wrentham Massachusetts,  is a national leader in the sale and implementation of dictation, transcription and speech recognition equipment and software.   Experience with nearly every level of government, medical, legal and corporate client allows American Dictation to quickly perform a needs based analysis that is both cost effective, and efficient.  American Dictation Corp.  is nationally known for their customer service and in house support.

American Dictation customer featured in Philips Speech Air case study

The CEO of America’s Most Sustainable Fish Farm Sustains His Business with SpeechAir



While it might seem to be more commonly used in traditional professional environments, dictation isn’t just for attorneys, physicians and insurance adjusters. It can help any professional work more efficiently and productively—and truly make every minute of their time count. In fact, sometimes dictation works best in highly mobile, non-traditional work environments.


Bob Davis, CEO of Bell Fish Company in Indiana, is a perfect example of this.


Bell Fish Company is a growing, innovative food tech company that sustainably grows great-tasting, high-quality, fresh Steelhead and Coho Salmon, free of antibiotics, added hormones, or any other additives. Bell Fish Company’s next-gen farming process, called a recirculation aquaculture system, has the lowest environmental impact of any protein source, whether beef, pork, poultry, or other fish.


For the past 3 years, Davis estimates he has traveled 75-85 percent of each week meeting with customers, building his management team, and meeting with his partners and prospective investors.


To stay productive while travelling, Davis relies heavily on voice technology. Davis is a long-time dictation user, having employed dictation and transcription to create documents and capture ideas and plans since he was in college in the 1980s. Recently, Davis began using the Philips SpeechAir touchscreen smart voice recorder, the ideal voice technology tool for mobile professionals.


“I like the SpeechAir better than my traditional digital recorder,” Davis says. “For road warriors like me, it has everything I need.”


Lifelong dictation user

Davis’ awareness of the simplicity of dictation actually began before college while watching the physicians in his father’s medical office dictate their patient notes and letters. When Davis was in college, he started dictating his school papers into an analog tape recorder that would later be transcribed by a friend. As a result, Davis never learned to be a very fast typist, which has not been a liability in decades as a successful business professional.


“I try not to waste time typing, because my fingers can’t keep up with my ideas,” Davis said. “With dictation, I can get all my thoughts down in a reasonably coherent manner while they are fresh in my head, and then refine the work from there.”


Davis dictates nearly everything, including emails that can’t be replied to in a few keystrokes. He estimates that short dictations, such as a quick email, can take him a few seconds. Longer documents, such as if he is editing a contract or capturing notes from an important meeting, may take 20 to 30 minutes.


Strategic outsourcing

Davis uses a dedicated outsourced transcriptionist that types all his documents to ensure that he remains efficient. Once the first draft is complete, Davis dictates his edits for the next or final document version. Regardless of how many drafts it takes, Davis says dictation is still much faster than typing to get documents completed.


Best of both worlds

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur and investor across numerous industries, Davis has always used dictation. Recently, Davis’ voice technology consultant, Scott Desrosiers with American Dictation in Wrentham, Massachusetts, showed him the Philips SpeechAir, a voice recorder that offers the touchscreen and WiFi connectivity of a smartphone, but the recording performance and functionality of a digital recorder.


SpeechAir features many familiar components of a digital recorder, but with mobility upgrades for true on-the-go use. For example, like Philips handheld recorders, the SpeechAir has an ergonomic and wear-free slide switch that is designed for efficient single-handed operation without having to look down at the device. It allows for quick and easy access to functions such as play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast rewind.


“I’ve been dictating a long time, so that slide switch is what I’m used to and comfortable with,” Davis says. “But it’s the WiFi that makes it really great. After I’m done with a dictation, I just send it from the device to my assistant without needing to create or type an email. It’s the best of both worlds – a digital recorder and a smartphone app.”


Quality and security

The SpeechAir also offers three embedded microphones to ensure recording quality, a durable Gorilla glass construction, as well as security features that help safeguard confidential client information. Recordings are encrypted in real time using a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), while a PIN code protect against unauthorized use.


For Davis, however, the most essential feature for the SpeechAir is its simplicity that allows him to get things done faster and make the most of his limited time.


“SpeechAir is with me everywhere I go,” Davis says. “Having the right tools makes travel time productive time, and my SpeechAir is a critical tool that helps me manage the kind of exciting, rapid growth that our business has ahead.”

Philips Speech Air Box shot


For information on how the SpeechAir can turbocharge your dictation productivity, call American Dictation at 1-866-408-1383

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