Meetings are integral to the success of any company or agency. Whether it’s an
appointment with potential clients or a staff get-together, a face-to-face
conference provides an effective listening and speaking environment.

During such events, participants often choose to record conversations for
many reasons. Digital audio recordings can easily be transformed into text with the use of a complementary transcription kit for future reference.

Professionals that are in need of conference recording solutions have many
options to choose from. Single handheld devices can get the job done but the
quality of the recording may not be as good as what one would hope for. In a big
room with several people talking, microphones, like the ones included in the
Philips LFH 955 Conference Recording System, may be needed.


Conference microphones have been created to be used specifically for such
meetings, no matter what the acoustic surroundings may be. The flat Philips 9172 boundary microphones actually use the acoustic properties of the table to enhance sound pickup.  In addition, they can be “daisy chained” together to expand the recording area for larger groups  and rooms.

“We have successfully tested the Philips 955 conference recording system with up to 3 microphones on each channel for a total of 6, state Paul Ross, of American Dictation“.  This capability puts the 955 in a league of it’s own when it comes to high quality, yet cost effective meeting recording.

“We have sold this kit to hundreds of entities, including some of the highest levels of government, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive”, states Ross.  “It is a portable, cost effective means of replacing outdated room recording systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars”.