You may have the best digital recorder on the market, but if
your input device isn’t working properly, you might as well manually type what
you are saying. You will want to choose the best microphone too!!!

A microphone is necessary to capture voices, but just any microphone
won’t do. Microphones designed properly will have the ability to record what you want, and suppress background noise that is unwanted.

If you want an effective conference microphone, you may want to
look into the Voice Tracker Array Microphone.

The Voice Tracker Array Microphone is the only microphone on the market to
currently employ Location Dependent Squelch technology, a feature that reduces
the impact of noise from areas outside its field. The mic not only filters
background noise, its technology also allows it to focus specifically on the
talker for that clear recording sound.

With a range exceeding 30 feet, the voice tracker is actually an array of microphones that focus on the source of sound in mere milliseconds, to accurately capture voices from multiple locations in a room.

This microphone is especially effective in board rooms, or town hall meetings, where you wish to capture audience input, but do not want to hard wire the room.  Placed on the head table facing the audience or presenters, it will pick up the whole room accurately and effectively.

When used in conjunction with table top omni-directional microphones, such as the Philips 9172, you will create  an affordable, formidable conference recording system, for a fraction of the cost of an energy hogging, hard wired system.

Additional information about cost effective conference or meeting recording can be found at American Dictation, a national leader in dictation, transcription, speech recognition and conference recording technologies.  If you need assistance in choosing the best microphone suited for your needs, please contact us at 866-408-1383.