More and more people are opting to work wherever and whenever they desire
thanks to advances in technology. Because these individuals count on their
devices to get their jobs done, their equipment needs to be reliable and able to
handle large amounts of data. Choosing the right digital voice recorder can be challenging.

Because there are so many digital recording devices available out on the market, you have to
choose a recorder that will be hassle-free to operate. This means looking for
one that is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm to ensure your
comfort. Professionals who require portable digital voice recorders should also
choose one that is durable and able to store hours of audio.

Besides the size and features of a voice recording device, its compatibility
to your computer should also be a consideration when you examine your options.
You will want something that you can easily plug into your system to
conveniently transfer data for a faster transcription process.

One of the best selling devices on the market is the Olympus DS-5000 professional recorder.  Capable of handling many hundreds of hours of dictations before downloading, the recorder also uses the .ds2 audio algorithm.  Ds2 is the only audio format that we would recommend for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The format does not lose quality on decompression and provides for the most accurate integration.

The Olympus AS-5000 is the transcription setup designed to work seamlessly with the DS-5000 dictation recorder.

Simply docking the recorder will prompt the automatic download of the voice files from the dictation device to the dictation software, which will route it to the AS-5000 transcription software.  An automatic message appears for the typist alerting them of the arrival of new dictations.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the Olympus professional dictation and transcription line, is the price.  The pricing of the new technology is comparable to the tape based recorders they are designed to replaced, making the choice to go digital even easier. Choosing the right digital voice recorder has never been so easy.

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