The problem with some digital voice recorders on the market is that not only
do they capture your voice, they also record the noise around you. It’s safe to
say that one’s experience will be different with the Philips LFH0652 Digital
Voice tracer.

As a great handheld alternative to wired conference systems, the Philips
LFH0652 Digital Voice tracer
has a signal-to-noise ratio that is better than
most conventional recorders, which means it picks up important audio data
without the unnecessary background buzz. The high-sensitivity microphone also
offers the ClearVoice feature, which allows for a vivid voice playback. Because
it is digital, the device also offers you the option of recording in either MP3
or PCM,both of which can conveniently be transferred through the device’s USB

Many professionals looking for that perfect recording gadget can breathe a
sigh of relief. With the Philips LFH0652 Digital Voice tracer, your audio
recording needs are met not only with its high-tech capabilities but also with
its ergonomic design. Philips created a device that is not only easy to use, it
also features a large graphical display to view your data as well as labeled
buttons for effortless operation.  See our current line-up at