Companies exploring efforts to consolidate their IT deployments may also look
to integrate their file transfer projects into a single secure file transfer
solution, according to a recent CFO World.

Currently, many companies use file transfer systems that have become a
patchwork of legacy connectivity, file, messaging and integration technologies,
according to the report. With consolidation efforts, companies will require a
single managed transfer solution that allows for visibility of the entire

Done correctly, file transfer consolidation has the potential to reduce costs
and improve service to customers, deepening customer investment and building a
new era of ‘co-innovation,'” according to the report.

According to a recent CIO magazine report, 80 percent of companies utilize
file transfer protocol, despite the fact that 93 percent have experienced a
transmission failure. CIO also urged healthcare and retail organizations to
avoid FTP because it is not secured.

Companies looking to learn more about the benefits of secure file transfer
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secure file transfer solutions to share created data.