No matter the size of a business gathering – whether the meeting place is a
small office or the boardroom – conference recording systems are built to handle
it all.

Take the NovusGear NSC-CM520 Conference Recording Kit, for example. The
system includes two table-top microphones that are designed to pick up sound
from 360 degrees around the device.

That makes the system perfect for lawyers looking to record a deposition or
any business professional holding a meeting with team members.

However, it doesn’t matter if the gathering is much larger than a handful of
people. The NovusGear microphones can be linked to form what’s called a “daisy
chain.” That means additional microphones can be added to expand the area that
needs recording.

Also, microphones can be placed at strategic locations around a room to
ensure they capture the necessary information.

And its all captured in rich audio quality, as the NovusGear system comes
with an Olympus DM-520 digital voice recorder. The easy-to-use device can be
controlled remotely, allowing the user to position it in an area that won’t
interfere with the meeting or interview.

Those interested in capturing extremely high quality recordings of a smaller group, can opt for the Zoom H2 standalone recorder.   This handy recorder comes with a desk top stand, and can record in utra high quality linear PCM, or compressed Mp3 directly onto its SD media card (also included).  The recorder has the capability of recording from the front, the rear, or in a 360 degree pattern to capture all speakers around a small conference table.