Despite lacking much of the drama portrayed on television – with the bright
lights, pounding on the table and questions like “Where were you on Tuesday the
5th?” – real-life police interrogations are no less important to solving a


A conference recording system, such as the Olympus ME30W conference  microphone kit, will aid law enforcement in getting the answers they need to
fight crime. Used in conjunction with any stereo digital voice recorder, the
conference recording system captures high-quality sound and can be used in a
number of settings.

The Olympus kit includes two ME30 microphones, which are low-noise, high-quality
devices with a frequency response range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. That’s among the
highest for any conference recording device.

Folding tripods and a plug-in power system make the microphones easy-to-use
and allow them to be set up above the table, avoiding the risk of being covered by paperwork.

The two ME-30W  microphones,  can be set up as much as
16 feet apart to ensure every voice in the room is picked up. That also means
the user can easily record in true stereo separation with the use of the
included splitter.