Companies are now realizing the benefits of conference recording equipment to
capture meetings, conferences and other business gatherings. And it takes a
robust system to be sure every good idea or speech given is recorded with rich
sound quality.

For many organizations, systems such as the Philips 955 Conference Recording
are the perfect solution. The Philips offering provides the necessary
equipment, software and accessories needed to record any business meeting.

The Philips 955 captures recordings with a set of  boundary-layer
They are flat microphones that utilize the table on which they sit
to pick up sound from a 360-degree radius. The microphones can be spread as far
away as 13 feet or linked together to form a chain for even greater

Recordings on the Philips system are stored on a digital voice recorder.
Perhaps the most user-friendly aspect of the system is the inclusion of a remote
control. A user can control nearly all of the recorder’s functions from a distance, without needing to use the recorders function buttons.  This greatly reduces the chance of user error during important meetings and conferences.

Of course, the system also comes with digital dictation software, enabling
users to transfer their audio files to a computer or transcribe them into a text

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