Consumer Digital Dictation Recorders

Entry Level or Consumer Digital Dictation Recorders

Consumer digital dictation devices are meant to provide occasional users with capabilities that help you dictate more efficiently, as opposed to simply recording an event. While they don’t have professional features, such as encryption, file transfers and management, these recorders can help you be more efficient, while giving you full editing capabilities.

Most inexpensive recorders do not allow you to stop, review and re-record — important features when you’re dictating. Other recorders simply record an event. If you stop and record again, you’re creating a new, separate digital voice file. The dictation recorders on this page do allow you to stop, back-up and re-record. You can even insert new passages within an existing dictation file!

On the other hand, the personal dictation recorders on this page record in a special DSS format, which is great for recording the human voice, but less than stellar when recording music or capturing lectures and meetings. For those “events,” consider a voice & music recorder.

Olympus DS-2500 Digital Dictation Recorder

Olympus DS-2500 Digital Dictation Recorder

New Feature With many of the features of its professional dictation recorders, the new Olympus DS-2500 gives you high-performance at an entry-level price. Uses a removable 2 GB memory card which is expandable up to 32GB  for hours and hours of dictation.

Includes USB cable and DSS Player software for downloading dictations from the recorder.


Philips DPM6000 Digital Pocket Memo

Philips DPM6000 Digital Dictation Device

The Philips DPM6000 is a push button entry level recorder with big features.  The DPM-6000 features a large color display for simple navigation and a long lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery.  Records in DSS standard for excellent sound reproduction in an easily transferred compressed format.

Includes USB cable and the feature-rich SpeechExec Dictate software.


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Typing your dictation can be tremendously inefficient without a digital transcription kit. Controlling the playback of your dictation using a footswitch means less wasted effort moving from word processor to recorder.

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