Consumer Solutions

Don’t need the features and costs associated with professional-grade equipment? We have a solution for you – a “Consumer Solution”.

Record classroom lectures, your daughter’s wedding vows, Granddads’ war stories and more. Keep these memories alive with quality, affordable recording and speech recognition equipment.
If you want to record an important event or personal note, look to American Dictation for just the right digital device to fit your budget.

While we offer a wide range of professional dictation devices, your needs might be more modest. Writing your first novel? Consider one of the entry-level dictation recorders from Olympus or Philips, both leading manufacturers of digital dictation recorders.


Consumer Dictation

Consumer digital dictation equipment

Dictation recorders are meant to record voices and speech. Voice files can be added to, appended and otherwise manipulated after recording. Voice and Music recorders are typically a one-shot deal. No altering of the voice file can be done once recorded unless music editing software is used. While we offer a wide range of professional dictation devices, your needs might be more modest.

Music Recording

Music RecordersToday’s digital recorders can capture amazing sound better than CD quality. Olympus is leading the way by offering a great selection of top-quality recorders ideal for both the professional musician, and those looking to record their son or daughter’s recital, or live band.

Consumer Transcription

Consumer transcription kitSlightly less robust than their professional counterparts, the consumer transcription kit fits the bill for occasional users. If you ever feel that you may work remotely or increase your usage, we highly recommend a professional transcription kit. The price difference is negligible, and the benefits are many.

Will not receive files automatically via e-mail or FTP.

Voice Recorders

digital voice recordersIf you go through life and find you need help remembering important matters, or you would like a convenient way of recording events, we have just the right device to meet your needs and your budget. Recordings made on a voice recorder typically can not be altered or appended after recording.


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