Transcription Made Easy

Once the voice recording has been made using a digital recorder, the transcription kit helps transform the audio file into a document in the most efficient and cost-saving manner possible. Trying to manipulate an audio file using the mouse and keyboard while typing is a recipe for inefficiency.

Just as professional transcriptionists, you can use a USB foot pedal to control the playback of your audio recording while typing into your favorite program or form. The time and cost savings are immediate and profound.

Consumer transcription kits from American Dictation are designed for the occasional or entry-level typist or transcription. Far better than the disastrous programs you may find on the web (you know the ones- they end in “Scribe”), these actually work without frustration and nonexistent support.

Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit

33% off!

The Olympus AS-2400 Transcription is an entry level or “consumer grade transcriber from Olympus.  If you are a light typist, this may be an affordable solution for you.

Philips Transcription Set- Consumer LFH7177

27% off!

Compatible for use with the 6275 SpeechMike Executive PC Dictation Kit and Digital Pocket Memos.

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