It’s not uncommon for contractors to be buried in a mountain of paperwork,
whether it’s work orders, estimates or contracts. What many in the construction
industry don’t realize is that the filling out and filing process associated
with such paperwork can be made easier with vice recording and speech recognition technology.

Using speech recognition, contractors can expedite their paperwork processes
by freeing themselves from the traditional means of filing out paperwork by
hand. The software also eliminates the cumbersome need to point and click
through templates on their computer.

Using recorders in the field, project managers and estimators can be sure that the information they wish to relay back to the office is done so quickly, accurately and most importantly, with a backed up record of the voice file.

Using both technologies together can help contractors decrease the turnaround time for filing out
paperwork, ensuring estimates are submitted quickly and work orders and
completed so projects may begin.

And speech recognition’s near perfect accuracy means all information
contained in a contractor’s paperwork is complete.

The speech recognition experts at American Dictation Corp. can provide all the
information necessary for a company or organization to deploy this exiting technology. They have already assisted many construction companies become more efficient and make fewer mistakes.