When speaking about the benefits of digital dictation and speech recognition
in the healthcare industry, much of the attention is paid to medical doctors.
However, dentists too may be able to improve productivity and efficiency with
the technology.

Like their counterparts in the medical field, dentists also face the
challenge of mounting paperwork. And like general practice and emergency room
doctors, dentists can deploy speech recognition and digital dictation to reduce
report turnaround time and improve patient care.

Dentists can use digital voice recorders and transcription solutions to
document a patient visit and enter the information into an electronic record.
And with speech recognition, they can quickly and easily add notes to a
patient’s history or complete other every day reporting processes.

Digital Dictation and speech recognition can offer professionals in the
healthcare industry, from doctors to insurance case managers, numerous
productivity benefits. Visit AmericanDictation.com to learn more about the
technology and purchase the leading software and tools for industry leaders,
including Nuance, Philips and Olympus.