Certain industries will probably always require
professionals to work from their desks, but digital dictation solutions
are easing the strain on wrists and fingers everywhere. Thanks to
desktop dictation technology, many people are streamlining their work
processes from the comfort of their chairs.

Desktop dictation solutions give professionals the ability to have
the best of digital dictation technology in a package that fits
conveniently on their desktops. Many of these solutions offer the
highest fidelity and even greater ease of use, and with no need to type
or handle a hand-held recorder, professionals can have their hands free
to attend to other tasks.

Desktop dictation products are also capable of providing flexibility
to the user, who can choose to use speech recognition software in tandem
with his dictations, or set up a digital work flow to have his
dictations transferred directly to his transcriptionist’s computer.
Professionals can have the unique ability to access files on their
computers while performing their dictations, a task which is often made
difficult when hand-held recorders and computer mouses are involved.

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