The whole point of utilizing speech recognition technology is to free oneself
from having to use a computer’s keyboard. But simply deploying speech
recognition software
only partly meets that goal.

Enter the Dictaphone PowerMic II from Nuance, the company that also develops
the market’s leading speech recognition software. Nuance designed the PowerMic
II specifically to work in conjunction with its popular Dragon NatuallySpeaking Medical 10.1

With the device, speech recognition users rarely, if ever, need to touch the
keyboard or mouse. In addition to the ability to record a user’s recording, the
PowerMic II also features numerous functions for controlling the speech
recognition software.

A “track-point” button and left and right “mouse” button allows the user to
control the on-screen cursor to navigate the software and select functions. Of
course, it also features general dictation controls, including record, rewind,
play, fast forward and an enter button.

This feature greatly assists medical practitioners when Dragon Medical is used within an EMR.  Clicking into specific fields, check boxes and drop downs can be done intuitively from the hand held device as opposed to attempting to manipulate the mouse as well as a microphone.

All has been included in a device that can be controlled with one hand and is
specially constructed for ultimate comfort. The angled microphone element makes
for improved recording levels and signal.