In a health facility such as a hospital or a clinic, specialists often spend
a lot of their time using dictation equipment to record diagnoses as well as
identifying and determining reasons for a patient’s illness. Many have also adopted speech recognition to directly dictate into their EMR or EHR programs.

A great addition to both methods is the Grundig Digta SonicMic II, a handheld microphone that can be used to dictate directly into dictation software, and is an excellent quality USB microphone for use with Dragon Medical.

Grundig is a leader in superior audio products that has ranked among the world’s best for over 60 years.  Recently entering the American market, they have begun to make significant inroads due to their unsurpassed quality and workmanship.

The SonicMic II is one of the newest in Grundig’s line of state-of-the-art
devices that allows for a more streamlined process in creating and transcribing medical records.  With the included DigtaSoft dictation software, recording and routing dictations to their appropriate destination is a breeze.

The device features an ergonomically designed black casing that’s both
stylish and efficient. The mic is composed of extra wide slide switches for
ease-of-use, and the front buttons are easily programmable to give you greater
control and speed. Just plug it into the PC using its plug-and-play compatible
USB connector and you’re ready for your dictating session.

Additional information about the Grundig line of products, as well as speech recognition applications can be found at