The prevalence of primetime TV police dramas such as “Law and Order” and
“CSI” has glamorized much of the difficult work that law enforcement
professionals encounter on a daily basis. When the glamor is removed, however,
what’s left is hard-nosed investigation and a true desire to protect and

More than most industries, law enforcement is concerned with keeping a
thorough and accurate record of the facts. Professionals will need to record an
important witness testimony, a difficult interrogation or a detective’s attempt
to piece together a seemingly scattered motive.  It is necessary for law
enforcement professionals to utilize cutting-edge technology in order to record
important audio data at a moment’s notice.

In the past, this meant the use of cumbersome tape-based technologies that
were susceptible to damage and degraded over time. However, newer solid-state
electronics boast vastly improved audio-quality and recorder technology.

The combination of reliability, cost-effectiveness and increased accuracy has
made digital recorders an important tool for many industries. When concerning
law enforcement, this technology can serve to greatly improve officials’
effectiveness.  Law enforcement agents can capture every word, without the worry of sound quality.

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