Utilizing an external transcription service as part of an overall digital
dictation deployment can often help law firms save on costs and staff hours, according
to a report from Law Technology News.

Many law firms already have a dictation platform in
place – some using the older tape based systems, with others using the new digital dictation technology.  What we have seen, however is a lack of understanding of the full capabilities of  a digital dictation and transcription system.

Today’s professional systems can automate and secure the process, while actually simplifying the process.   A perennial favorite of law firms, the Philips DPM 9600 and the corresponding 7277 Transcription Kit can be programmed such that when the recorder is docked, the dictations are automatically downloaded onto the computer and sent to a remote transcriptionist via e-mail or FTP.

The transcriptionist’s software, which is included with the transcription kit, will then periodically poll the e-mail inbox or designated FTP folder for newly arrived dictations and automatically import them for the transcriptionist, deleting them from the e-mail or server so they are not imported repeatedly.

This technology is called “Talk and Dock” by American Dictation Corp., a national leader in the sales and implementation of dictation, transcription and speech recognition equipment.  Explains Paul Ross of American Dictation “We call it Talk and Dock because that is all the user needs to do.  The rest is automated by the software which we set up for our clients free of charge.  We can actually further the automation with the integration with Dragon Legal, where the voice file is run through Dragon and output as a text file for correction and editing, with little to no user interaction”.

“Using an outsourced or home based transriptionist can alleviate some of the workload of internal legal secretaries and help to keep firm salaries and benefits down.  The use of professional transcription providers can equate to  substantial savings in time
and staff resources.  Outsourcing some or all of the transcription takes the burden off already-overworked internal
staff,” according to the report.

American Dictation Corp. can be reached at 1-866-408-1383 to further explain the technologies and options available.