Before the days of laptop computers and wireless internet, newspaper
reporters out on assignment routinely called into the newsroom and dictated
their story over the phone.

The process is inefficient and ripe with opportunities for error, yet some
older reports can’t let go of the old method. And these are the same reporters
still carrying clunky tape recorders, wasting precious time before deadline to
fast forward and rewind until finding the right spot in their interview.

It’s these news veterans that could benefit most from a digital dictation
platform. Documenting notes and even dictating an entire story is quick and easy
with a digital voice recorder.

Digitally recorded files can then be converted to text through transcription
software, and sent to the editor through either email or a transfer

This way the process is much more streamlined. It may also boost a
department’s productivity, by freeing up the editorial assistant or fellow
reporter, usually responsible for transcribing a phoned-in story, to handle
other tasks.

Reporters looking to implement such tools in their news gathering process can
find all they need at The site also offers expertise and
advice on deploying digital dictation and transcription software