Healthcare professionals that embrace and utilize digital dictation could
help promote the use of “person-centric” information management within the

The notion of person-centric health information management was recently
highlighted in an iHealthBeat report. The idea is that health consumers who are
granted greater access to their medical records will be empowered to make better
decisions about their care.

Of course, the process would be helped by doctors that keep robust medical
records, which can be accomplished with the correct digital dictation and speech recognition solutions.

Doctors that document patient visits with digital voice recorders and also
utilize digital dictation for reporting keep more detailed records and can
reduce the time in which they are available to assist patients. This will allow
the consumer to make a more informed and timely care decision.

Digital dictation is already a popular technology within the industry.
Professionals are continuously utilizing it in all aspects of healthcare, from
emergency room doctors and general practice physicians, to dentists and
insurance providers. Visit to learn more or purchase
digital dictation and speech recognition software from industry