Professional writers are generally in the business of documenting details. Everything from the color of an interviewee’s neck-scarf to the furrow of her brow must be noted and accounted for, and juggling multiple note-taking processes can often amount to an acrobatic feat.

Many writers have embraced the future, however, with technology such as digital recording . Digital dictation recorders make it possible to create high-fidelity recordings of an interview while freeing up the writer to jot down his impressions. It’s also a great solution for anyone with a lot of ideas and little time to get them down on paper.

The Olympus DS-2500 Digital Voice Recorder  is perfect for documenting long interviews or small notes while on the go. It comes with an exchangeable SD card that offers a vast recording capacity as well as the .ds2 file format for excellent sound quality and Dragon speech recognition compatibility.

Extremely portable and powerfully efficient, the Olympus DS-2500 will be faithful to your recordings and ensure that no word is lost to the static.