More and more law firms are realizing that they don’t have to be restricted by
the physical constraints of not only their physical location but also the devices that
they are using.

Legal Dictation Technology has evolved in the past few years, creating
sophisticated, yet simple to use,  Dictaphones and software that allow many professionals to easily
dictate whenever and wherever. Lawyers can even create documents by voice, using speech recognition applications, such as Dragon Legal.

Gone are
the days of lawyers dictating legal jargon directly to their assistants as they
type or write away, trying to catch up with what they are hearing.  As out of place in today’s legal environment as shorthand is analog, or cassette technology.  Legal secretaries no longer have
to struggle with stretched, inaudible tapes, or even worse, tapes that are broken and contain important information.

These days, digital dictation devices can easily
record hours and hours of audio time into a tiny SD card about the size of a
quarter. Transcription has also become a breeze.  Digital technology creates true to life sound, that ensures accuracy and speed in transcribing.  Voice files can be played slower or faster without the major sound distortion of analog tapes.

The sound quality is of such high quality on today’s digital dictation machines, that the recorder voice dictations can actually be run directly though Dragon Legal Speech Recognition Software with a high degree of accuracy.  The legal Secretary then just needs to format and edit the transcribed document, saving time and money.