When selecting a consumer recording solution, it’s important for consumers to consider the ways in which they’ll be conducting their recording sessions.

While fictional characters have the unique ability to speak candidly and eloquently in any given situation, most real people don’t say everything right the first time. That’s why it’s important to select a personal recorder that gives one the ability to backtrack and record over existing files.

Consumer digital dictation solutions from American Dictation put the power in one’s hands to stop, review and re-record, as well as insert new passages that one may have originally left out. These tools are as efficient as they are portable, giving the user sufficient editing capabilities in a pocket-sized format. Plus, the DSS format is ideal for capturing the nuances of the human voice, eliminating the need to strain for understanding.  Not all recorders are equal. Personal, music and note taker recorders does not allow you to edit the file after you record.

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