Just as the advent of CDs and MP3s have made cassette tapes all but obsolete
over the last two decades in the music industry, so has digital dictation
equipment had a significant impact in replacing tapes for speech recognition and

As examined in a recent News-Articles.net article, dictation equipment is
evolving as its demands increase. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with
different styles, properties and functions to meet the needs of professionals
across industries including legal, medical and insurance.

Digital recorders, such as those offered by American Dictation, can not only
hold more recording time than cassette tapes, they also enable users to store
files on a PC or other storage units to ensure the information is never lost or

“[Digital technology] also solidifies its use for longer duration as compared
to cassette tapes because files stored in the latest recorders can be
transferred from one device to another and can also be forwarded via email or to
any relevant equipment for safe keeping in case the recorder will fail to
function,” wrote Greg Pierce for News-Article.net.

Digital dictation technology can also help professionals in legal, medical
and other industries maintain data securely and confidentially. With the recent
passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other
privacy laws, it is more important than ever for companies to ensure their data
is protected