It’s said that the first 48 hours can be the most important for a law
enforcement officers when investigating a case, which is why they need every
advantage available to stay a step ahead of their workload.

Tools for digital dictation, specifically  digital voice recorders, greatly benefit
officers in the field as they begin an investigation. Detectives can use digital
voice recorders to take notes during interviews with witnesses and document any
leads or breaks in a case.

And because the need for hastily scribbling handwritten notes is eliminated,
the officers can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the documentation

An optional next step towards minimizing officer time spent on paperwork would be the integration of speech recognition software, such as Dragon 11 Professional.  Recordings made in the field can be run through Dragon, creating a document from the voice file.  Editing the document as opposed to typing it in it’s entirety is more efficient and accurate, saving time and resources.

“Feedback for the use of digital recorders in the field has been excellent,”
said Paul Ross, National Sales Manager for American Dictation Corp.  “Officers record
their interactions in real time, which is 100 percent accurate, and the actual
recordings can be easily accessed at a later date should they be needed for
evidence or other reasons.”

American Dictation serves as a valuable resource for professionals looking to
deploy speech recognition or a digital dictation platform. The site offers
tools, software and expertise on the subject.