Like smartphones that have become used for much more than just making phone
calls, digital voice recorders too have evolved to go beyond simple audio

For digital recorder users who pride themselves on multitasking and require
a little more from their recording devices, Olympus has stepped up with the
WS-510M. The device is so much more than a simple voice recorder, featuring
storage and organizational features that go above and beyond what perhaps even
the most discerning user requires.

The WS-510M allows for hands-free use through voice activation functions.
That means users can begin a dictation without picking the device up off their

And for heavy dictation users, the device allows for the organization of up
to 200 files in five folders for a total of 1,000 files. Users don’t have to
worry about overloading the device, as it features 4 gigabytes of internal flash

Also, the recorder can double as a USB flash drive, allowing users to store
music, photos and other files. In all, the device can support up to 1,000 music
files in either MP3 or WMA formats.