Many companies are realizing collaboration between employees is a good way to
boost business. Adopting a simple recording platform is one way to get the
workforce to work together on projects and brainstorm ideas.

Employees can start by utilizing digital voice recorders to record meetings
and other business-related gatherings within the company.

A transcribed copy of the meeting can then be distributed to all attendees.
This will make it easier for each to remember what topics and issues are
discussed. Sharing the digital recording of a meeting is easy because the file
can be transferred via email or secure file transfer protocol if it contains
sensitive information.

According to a recent CIO magazine report, 67 percent of polled chief
information officers said increasing collaboration is a key goal this year. It
is the second straight year the category has led the list of CIO initiatives.
The task may be made easier by implementing digital dictation software that is
available from American Dictation Corp.

According to Paul Ross, of American Dictation, “Accurate, affordable recording solutions are among our most sought after products.  In the past, to record a small meeting or conference, tens of thousands of dollars of hard wired, built in equipment such as microphones, mixers and multi-channel recording systems were required.  We have been able to replace that with a simple high quality system for under a thousand dollars.”

“For example, one of our most popular portable systems is the simple Novusgear CM-520 offering stereo recording, high quality microphones, expandability, portability and it can be operated via an included remote control, all for $449.00.”

To get more information about this system, click on the image of the Novusgear CM-520.