Musicians often feed off sudden, spontaneous inspiration. At any moment,
something a musician sees or hears could trigger the next big radio hit or
perfect love song for Valentine’s Day.

Using handheld, portable digital recording tools, such as a digital voice recorder, musicians
can keep track of what inspires them or the few lines of lyrics that may have
spontaneously popped into their head. And because a digital voice recorder is
portable, the ideas can be documented no matter the place or time of day.

Furthermore, recording technology has advanced to the point that even
portable recorders are able to capture rich audio. Some even boast quality
comparable to a CD.

A great example is the Olympus LS-11 linear PCM recorder, pictured below.  The award winning recorder is inexpensive, and can hold up to a 32 GB supplemental memory card fo hour upon hour of better than CD quality recording.


That means, even outside the studio and away from the high-tech equipment, a
musician can record a rough draft of a song when inspiration hits.

Digital recording tools and software have proven their worth for a number of
different professionals in various industries. American Dictation contains
more information on the technology, as well as all the necessary tools and
software needed to deploy a fully functioning digital dictation