As more and more healthcare organizations begin to use digital transcription
software, patient care is more efficient, with electronic medical records (EMRs)
becoming the norm in the digital age. Not only are doctors and patients benefiting from this technology, researchers are also lauding the system as a
way to easily collect medical data.

According to Information Week, researchers conveniently collected patient
records, accurately identifying patients with diabetes and dementia, among other
diseases. These kinds of studies are time-consuming and often require recruiting
thousands of patients for health data.

Dr. Abel Kho, lead researcher for the study, explained to the news source
that what’s difficult about doing scientific medical researches is finding
enough people to get the right results. “Now we’ve shown you can do it using
data that’s already been collected in electronic medical records and can rapidly
generate large groups of patients,” he added.

Thanks to digital transcription software, healthcare specialists can easily
record patient evaluations and upload them as an EMR onto the organization’s

With older, tape based systems, there was no link between the practitioners voice file, they final typed document, and the EMR.  Now with digital technology, all three can be linked permanently. Keeping Medical Data has never been so easy.