There are many challenges that assail the burgeoning novelist. Complications
can include poor plot development, boring character choice and even the dreaded
writer’s block. Though many writers depend on the often scarce gift of
inspiration, it can strike at the most inopportune moments. For those instances
when authors don’t have the luxury of a notebook or laptop, a digital voice
recorder can offer a welcome solution to the dilemma of recording fleeting

A digital recorder like the WS 510M from Olympus is an intelligent choice for
any novelist’s recording needs. Boasting features like 4GB of internal flash
memory, up to 1,088 hours of recording time and MP3 and WMA support, this
recorder is both highly convenient and easy to use. With its unique USB Direct
design, simply plugging the device into a computer will allow for easy file
transfer as well as quick charging. For added usability, the Voice Activation
mode will record sound simply by the user speaking into the stereo

Authors looking for a digital voice recorder that is dependable and efficient
would do well to consider the Olympus WS 510M – a high-quality recorder in an
affordable package.

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