With hiring freezes being lifted and the jobs market still rebounding from
the recession, companies are trying to ensure they hire the right candidate for
scarce openings. Utilizing digital dictation tools and software during the
process could help them bring the right person on board.

In nearly all interviews with applicants, the interviewer will take notes.
After each answer is given, the interview will write down the highlights of the
applicant’s response. But with a digital voice recorder, the interviewer can
capture the entire interview – not just snippets.

Later, the interviewer can use transcription software to create a file of the
interview and all that participated can compare how their session went with the

On the other side, applicants can also use digital voice recorders. Having
records of their conversations with companies allows applicants to better
prepare for future interviews.

Professionals in various industries have recognized the many uses of digital
dictation and speech recognition in the workplace. To find out more about the
technologies or purchase tools and software, visit AmericanDictation.com, an
online resource for speech recognition and digital dictation.