MacNewsWorld recently reviewed Dragon Dictate for Mac and gave Nuance’s
speech recognition software four out of five stars.

Previously, Mac users had little choice for speech recognition other than
MacSpeech for OS X, but that changed earlier this year when Nuance bought the
software maker, MacSpeech.  Now, the company is bringing its award-winning offering to the

Along with its superb accuracy, easy setup and use, the review also
highlighted the software’s ability to learn. Users train Dragon to recognize
their voice, making dictation much easier and accurate. Given that these
exercises are performed in speech recognition speak, where punctuation are
treated as words, the user is trained at the same time.

“So the exercise trains the computer to recognize your voice, while it trains
you in the somewhat unnatural way of talking to the software,” MacNewsWorld
reviewer John Mello wrote.

Speech recognition software is a tool companies and organizations in various
industries have adopted to enhance the efficiency of their workforce. Mac compatible products
from Nuance and  other leading vendors
are available at American Speech Solutions.