Located in Putney, Vermont, Landmark College is a two-year liberal arts
institution that serves students with dyslexia, attention-deficit hyperactivity
disorder and other diagnosed learning disabilities. In an attempt to put the
recent advances in voice-recognition technology to good use, Landmark staff
decided to implement Dragon NaturallySpeaking software into the students’
curriculum in order to assist with many of the tasks students are commonly
called upon to complete. Landmark is discovering how NaturallySpeaking assists students.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a program that allow users to create and format
text documents such as email and reports via voice-activated dictation rather
than using a standard keyboard. This sort of technology can greatly assist
students who have difficulty concentrating on correct spelling and appropriate
formatting, as well as those who are physically or mentally incapable of
interacting with a standard keyboard. Naturallyspeaking assists students in the class and at home.

“A student in our summer program was struggling with his writing to the point
where one of his teachers would have to fill in every fifth word or so in his
papers,” says Kathy Burris, Assistive Technology Coordinator and Educator.
“After training on Dragon for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, this
student was able to go to the computer lab and complete a high quality, six-page

It’s clear to see that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an incredible breakthrough
in speech recognition technology. As the requirements of
students change with the times, software like NaturallySpeaking can help bring
the benefits of technology to those who need it most. See how naturallyspeaking
assists students daily, making it easier then every to complete essays.