Ironically, the more complex and numerous their capabilities become, it seems
the easier digital voice recorders are to use. At the same time they innovate
the technology, manufacturers have been doing the same for the devices’

With the Olympus DM-2, it’s the inclusion of a 2.2-inch LCD display that
makes it user friendly. The screen on the Olympus device is a far cry from the
black-and-white displays that regularly remind users of the early days of

The DM-2’s color display makes for much easier navigation and organization of
stored music and dictation files. Everything is easy to see on the clear, bright
screen. It can also display three languages – English, Spanish and French.

But the Olympus device’s usability functions don’t stop there. It also
features a voice guidance system that allows the user to control every aspect of
the recorder’s stored files with speech. Voice activation also controls the
record, pause and playback of a dictation file.

And with 4 gigabytes of internal memory, and rechargeable battery that can
last as long as 29 hours, users never have to worry about lack of memory or
power for longer digital recording sessions.