When healthcare organizations are looking for a technology upgrade, the
implementation of speech recognition software should be near the top of the wish
list, according to David Avrin of the University of California San Francisco
Medical Center.

Speaking at the recent Radiological Society of North America conference in
Chicago, Avirn improving technology within an organization or practice can be a
main factor in improvements to patient safety, quality and efficiency. He added
that implementing voice recognition software is a best practice to accomplish
all three.

“You cannot do quality and safety without medical informatics,” Avirn

He also offered tips for improving the software, such as creating templates,
for different documents and integrating voice recognition with picture archiving
and communication systems for improved records keeping.

According to CMIO magazine, voice recognition allows for radiologists and
other healthcare workers to dictate reports in mere minutes,and advancements in
accuracy translate into improved efficiency.

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efficiency have an information resource in AmericanDictation.com. The website
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