Speech recognition software has reached unprecedented heights in terms of
accuracy. However, not even the most advanced technology can make up for a noisy
office or background sound that is common in any workplace environment.

Sometimes, it simply takes a little help to dictate under less than ideal conditions. 
Devices, such as the Voice Tracker Array Microphone, can make that possible.

Like their software counterparts, the technological advancements of speech
recognition microphones
are astounding. And the Voice Tracker Array Microphone
is one of the best.

It is the only microphone available to utilize Location Dependent Squelch for
optimal results. The function de-sensitizes the microphone to sounds coming from
a pre-selected direction, perhaps an office door that keeps creaking when
opened, for example. It can also eliminate acoustic echo when the device is used
for conference recording.

Also, a digital listening beam and proprietary noise reduction algorithms
improve the performance. The former allows the microphone to focus on a single
speaker, much in the way a spotlight may, while the latter further filters
background noise and reverberations that can ruin a recording.

Users also like the fact that it is a standalone desktop model, so they can use their speech recognition software, hands free.

It uses standard 3.5mm computer plugs, however a simple USB adapter can further increase accuracy, by bypassing the computers built in sound card, often a weak link in the audio chain.