New and innovative technologies are constantly affecting and evolving the workforce. Digital dictation software has vastly improved the productivity and efficacy of many professionals in the workplace today.

Doctors. Healthcare specialists who evaluate patients can conveniently talk into a digital voice recorder to record data that can then be transcribed using wither Dragon Medical Practice Edition, or a digital transcription kit.. The file can then be added to the patient’s electronic medical record in a timely manner without altering the providers existing workflow.  A popular healthcare option is the Olympus TS-7000 kit, which provides every component for one practitioner and one typist all at an affordable cost.

Lawyers. Attorneys who are in the process of prosecuting or defending clients spend countless time looking through past records as they dictate. With a digital dictation device, these professionals can conveniently record their thoughts and research, making it easier for future referencing.  Lawyers tend toward the Philips TS-8000 as it has a convenient “insert feature” to insert additional information into the middle of an existing voice file without overwriting what was previously recorded.

Real estate agents. Brokers who do home walkthroughs can talk into their portable voice recorders and explain the current condition of the house including its features and any other specifications. They can then transfer the audio data onto their computer or have the voice files transcribed into text for permanent record keeping.

Reporters. Investigative reporters can increase their productivity by transcribing audio data they’ve collected from the field.  Accuracy is paramount in reporting, and often some of the reporters thoughts or emotions can be lost in just a short amount of time.

Contractors. Part of a building contractor’s responsibility is to survey structures to ensure they are sound. Instead of writing in a pad, they can use a voice recorder instead, and the data can conveniently transcribed on a computer.  Project managers can record what is needed on individual job sites, creating a record of labor , machinery or material requests to ensure the job goes smoothly.

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